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Performance Pro

Make the Internet faster, stop wasting bandwidth, extend battery life and protect your privacy and security.

How it works

Simple as 1,2,3


Performance Pro blocks invisible elements that slow you down, waste your bandwidth, suck up battery life, and put your privacy and security at risk.

Accelerates page load speeds by 44%. Reduce bandwidth by up to 39% to save money on data plan. Extend device battery life

Privacy and Security

Our technology blocks over 5000 trackers, sources of malware, and identity theft. We use Virtual Private Network technology to set a configuration profile that prevents trackers and hackers from accessing your internet activity. Unlike full-fledged VPNs this product does NOT slow down your internet, route your traffic through our servers, or mask your IP address.

About Us

Performance Pro was created by Disconnect, an award-winning software company that is actively used by more than 20 million people. Disconnect has won several prestigious accolades including the 2015 Innovation Award for Privacy and Security at the South by Southwest festival and making the list of Popular Science’s 100 Best of What’s New. A certified public benefit corporation, Disconnect has also been featured on 60 Minutes, the New York Times, the Today Show, ZDF, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Wired, and many more.